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    David Glen

    Hey guys – specific question for specific cases, what has been your most effective black hat back link strategies for « taboo/vice » industries (i.e.: escorts, gambling, etc.)?

    Also, we’re currently initiating a white hat strategy but the client asks if we could generate short term results from a black hat approach before « flipping the site » back to a « legit » one. Did this kind of strategy ever proved to be effective?


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    Alexandra Gorman

    Stay away from black hat SEO consider instead running ad campaigns on dedicated landing pages. That would get results without taking the risk of getting long term penalty.

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      Alexandra Gorman

      Thanks for your feedback ! Our approach is already white hat on an average 3-6 months mandate.

      Despite our recommendations, our client wants to try it and take the risk anyway…

      I’m asking on this group to at least try to put the odds on our side by seeking for pragmatical experience beforehand.

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      Alexandra Gorman

      Google doesn’t care about hat colours, it cares about spam. Stop the hat colour non-sense and embrace what works. I would always say PBN’s if done the right way. You’d have to see mine to believe it but we’re not open to the public yet. I’ve been building PBN’s for a little over 10 years now, not a single site de-indexed.

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