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    Ian Johnson

    SEO audit results are different on all the websites. What is the best website for the Audit?

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    Peter Wootton

    Can you clarify your question please?

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      Nadine Cairns

      She wants to know which audit tool is best since they all give different answers.

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    Lynne Haskell

    I tried many websites from SEMrush to seomoz ..the results have no similarities. I am always confused and I am not sure on which web report to rely on.

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    Sarah Radford

    SEMrush and Moz strengths lie elsewhere. For an audit you need a tool/crawler built for that sole purpose coupled with a trained eye. No shortcuts for a comprehensive audit. Screaming Frog is head and shoulders above anything else and has been our go to tool for over a decade.

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    Nadine Cairns

    I hear is great for full website audits.

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    Colin Hodgson

    There are many times we need quick reports. Screaming frog is perfect for extensive reports.

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      Anders Jensen

      You can try MySiteAuditor. The Basic Plan is pretty cheap and includes unlimited white-label SEO audits.

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    Kate Boulton

    Quick, free, and provides non-branded PDF

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    Judith Atkinson

    Really liking and sitebulb these days.

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    Sarah Radford

    Seoptimer simple one. Screaming frog extensive.

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    Simon Chapman

    Yeah Screaming Frog but all of these online SEO audit tools can be useful. I will often do a few of them as well as using SF and Semrush. The more info I have the better.

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