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    Owen Dutton

    What would you all recommend for best plugins on a WordPress site? I am using WooCommerce and square for my payment processing/online inventory. Currently running Yoast, monster insights and WordFence. I am currently stuck as far as google ranking. Should I just keep adding content or are there better ways to increase my ranking?

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    William Greer

    Plugins have nothing to do with SEO aside from Yoast and speed. Have you done any courses as it seems like you have a ways to go. If you need SEO help pm me and I can take a look.

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      Keith Simpson

      Some plugins seem very important such as Yoast etc, I realise there is more to it, content, back links etc. I’m just making sure I’m not missing anything obvious before I go too much further. I have not done any courses but I have read/watched alot, just looking for tips or helpful plugins etc.

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    Kathryn Coleman

    I wouldn’t be concerned about plugins. A lot of them will slow down your site (speed is a factor). I understand you want to do your own SEO, but I would probably advise getting with someone to do it for you. This group also has a pretty affordable SEO course.

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      Jamie Stewart

      I’ve tried to keep everything pretty lean so far just installing what I needed to get everything done. I will look into the classes. I really want to learn over just throwing money at it. Thanks for the insight appreciate it.

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      Jansen Smith

      I’ll check it out for sure… I’m self employed so I can spend literally as much time as I need on this project. Last time I hired someone to build a website (I understand that’s not SEO) it was a complete disaster so I’m trying to go this one by myself as much as I can.

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      Mark Morris

      Trust me i been there, its why i even started my company. Its good to learn the basics first, i use to send my SEO out to India spent thousands and not getting anywhere. Now I realise they just sucked and this is the era when SEO was easy, buy links and boom your on page 1. If you need a hand or help with link building I do offer this service. I also have a free course that i am about to publish that covers that basics.

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      William Greer

      I have been having luck with PPC etc I’m just trying to focus more on organic now so its not so expensive to drive traffic. I have content, movies articles reviews etc. I’m just not sure the best way to go about getting it all linked properly. I’ll watch some videos and check out some courses, thanks for your help.

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