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    James Moore

    What is the best keyword research tool?

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    Judith Atkinson
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      Roger Howard

      Wow, thanks.

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      Trevor Anthony

      Love UberSuggest – Neil Patel acquired it and added to it to really make it a solid tool. And best of all, it’s FREE!!

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    David James

    Here’s a few free ones, but Ubersuggest is pretty dope 🙂

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    John Freeman

    My Brain, UberSuggest, Infinite Suggest, Keyword Keg and ahrefs.

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    Margaret Clifford

    I’d say it’s a combination, ubersuggest, keywords everywhere, ahrefs, semrush, search console, and Siteoscope. Each have a purpose.

    Ubersuggest, and keywords everywhere is free. Keywords everywhere also plugs in nicely with Search Console when you’re looking at queries, will give you the extra data of rough CPC and search volume. In SERPs, keywords everywhere also has a nifty sidebar with variations of the original search string, and shows search volume in the SERP.

    Ahrefs and SEMRush are great for an all-in-one solution. Ahrefs gives you better capabilities for ideation of long tail keywords, SEMRush gives you better capabilities for PPC data. Both have paid trial periods.

    Siteoscope is great for rank tracking, and progressive rank visibility. It’s mobile friendly too (SEMRush and Ahrefs aren’t the easiest to manouver on a phone while in transit) – I use Siteoscope on the fly with clients. Free 30 day trial period.

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      Tony Richardson

      So I guess google keyword planner is a bad choice… I don’t really trust the data from Google keyword planner.

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    Robert Voss

    Like kwfinder.

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    Valerie Ackroyd

    AdWords Keywords planner tool.

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    Christopher Hammond

    KWFinder for sure.

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    Jenette Bush

    Power Suggest Pro

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