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    Gerard Preston

    What’s your experience with creating AMP pages and how it relates to SEO?

    We implemented AMP pages about a year ago on our site (it’s WordPress) and our SEO tanked almost overnight. In a panic, we undid all of our work and saw our rankings start to creep back up over the next couple of months.

    Now that we’re more focused on offering SEO as a service to our clients, the subject has come up again. I’d love to be as “Google-friendly” as possible, but I don’t want to be my own guinea pig. I also don’t want to lose any clients because of a sudden, sharp drop!

    What are you doing with AMP (if anything)? What has your experience been? Do you have any tips or advice to offer?

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    Peter Wootton

    I hate AMP. The problem with AMP is it’s non conversion non targeted end point. I personally think the only point in using it is if you have a high traffic news/blogging site

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    Peter Wootton

    I don’t like them. It keeps the traffic on Google and not your site. Google is trying to make it so users never leave their site. I’m against AMP.

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    Peter Wootton

    I couldn’t be bothered with AMP. It’s one of those things that Google should de-invent. It’s a stupid thing.

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    Geoffrey Claughton

    There’s an article I read that made me think different about AMP, and in my opinion I think is right.

    Google AMP Can Go To Hell

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