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    Anders Jensen

    What do you guys do about product images from Amazon? I know you are meant to use API but that is causing a lot of requests/load time.

    Would I be fine simply getting the image from another store and editing slightly with say my logo?

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    Nadine Cairns

    This should help:

    When I’m worried about something, amazon or not I look to YouTube. I then take a screenshot of the product within the video 😄.

    I’ve been using images from amazon for years. Some with api MOST without by taking screenshots and adding my own graphics. I also add a link to the source as well. I’ve never had a problem but at the same time I’m not a lawyer.

    I might try contact someone to confirm because it is somewhat confusing and a question that gets asked a lot. Personally, I don’t know why a vendor or product owner wouldn’t allow the use if you’re promoting their product and driving sales but the internet can be a weird place and some programs have strict rules.

    Another option is to contact the owner of the product and tell them you’re an affiliate with a growing fan base. Tell them you will be doing reviews both text and video and ask if their willing to send a freebie. I’ve got a tonne of free stuff since becoming an aff from Xbox games, supplements, digital products and courses, garden equipment lots of cools stuff. The reason I got them – because I asked nicely 😊. Some reach out to me as well which is always cool.

    That way you have the product and can take your own images.

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      Daniel Simons

      Thanks for such a detailed reply – Great idea about the screen from the video. I think i’ll have to either create my own images or edit some as the requests are too high for my liking 🙂

      Yeah samples are great, had a lot in the past with another site. This one is a little harder as most only ship to US and bit more expensive but will have to outreach and see if I can get a couple and cover shipping myself.

      Thanks again

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      Anders Jensen

      No problem mate.

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    Paul Hardy

    Perhaps not recommended to take screenshots and such though while an amazon site is still under review though warren? I somewhat imagine that if you’ve passed muster then they not really checking up on your site so much? It is hugely frustrating that new affiliates don’t have access to the API when trying to setup a store front kind of page.

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    Valerie Ackroyd

    From Amazon you can take the photos by html code that was given from the link itself, after you found your preferred product on the right side you will find “get link” (this is your affiliate id link auto inserted). Click onto it, then it bring you to the next option where you can find “build links”, click the link where you can choose either text only, image only or both.

    If you choose image only where you will be given the HTML code (include your own affiliate link) copy the whole html code and paste onto your website or blog where we are permit to paste HTML code… Hope this helps you.

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    Terence Murphy

    Still working on some improvements to drop speed ideally below 1 second.

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