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    Earl Hewett

    Is there an Amazon Plugin that will display the price and a short description like the image below?

    If so, what is it called?

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    Simon Chapman
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      Richard Grayson

      Only if you have API access.

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    Roelof Kramer

    Why would you want to display price, you want the click mate so better to do check price on amazon. Better for your ranking also, lot less pogo sticking.

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    Colin Rees

    I could be wrong, but the testing I have seen, shows that if the price is displayed, people are more likely to click, because they feel a greater sense of certainty about what they will get. Having the price there, sells why they should bother to click the link.

    An affiliate site needs to do as much pre-sale as possible, so that they actually buy when they go to the site.

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      David James

      I have a CTR of 50% and a sales conversion of 9%. I think you should get them to amazon as much as possible so you get the cookie and if they don’t buy what you promote they might buy something else. If they don’t like the pricing they see on your site and keep pushing that back button to the search results this won’t help your rankings very much.

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      John Reyers

      That is really clever and I never thought of that. Thank you so much!

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      Christopher Hammond

      I can only dream of those CTR and conversions. 9% of those 50% buy – or 9% in total?

      Have you tested showing price vs. checking price? Your good numbers may just because you’re a great copy write or anything else…and not because of the check prize instead of showing the prize…

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      Colin Rees

      9% of the ones that go to Amazon buy but I only write in depth long form reviews and keep my site design to a minimum like no sidebar or any ads or popups. Completely conversion optimised with product tables and I start of each post with the product I recommend and a summary cause most people are skimmers with a short attention span these days so I lead them to what they are after straight away.

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      Syed Shah

      You sound like a master

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      Richard Grayson

      I am far from that, just done a lot of testing stuff out. I am just another guy trying to make money as an affiliate.

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      Richard Putt

      Can I ask how long you have done it for and if it is working out for you financially?

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      Paul Davis

      Been doing it for a few years, tried several things but am getting tired of affiliate SEO, got slapped by G a few months ago so lost most of it and now slowly recovering. Will start on YouTube now cause I think it will all be more and more video cause of the engagement and relationship factor, let’s see how that works out as an extra traffic channel.

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      Geoffrey Claughton

      Hope it goes well and thank you for your kind and helpful comments.

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