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    Tony Richardson

    Alright guys, I need some recommendations on other affiliate websites that are easy to join other than ClickBank and Amazon. I have 3 products from ClickBank and Amazon payout just sucks.

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    Colin Rees
    Member paying $3 per referral + account upgrade

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    Keith Simpson

    Shareasale and markethealth , you can find others networks on offervault for your niche.

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    Denise Wilcock

    Pepperjam, Viglink and Avantlink. Once you’re approved on those you can search their merchants to find what you want. You’ll have a ton of options. Of those Avantlink is my favourite.

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    Alexandra Gorman
    Member has worked well for me. They have high commission payouts like some 50% and in some cases 100%.

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    Richard Putt

    Hey, check SocialPilot Affiliate Program-
    A 30% recurring commission over subscription sales.

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