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    Benjamin Donner

    Have a question regarding 301 redirects from one website to multiple ones. I have a branded domain promoting a specific product, one of my affiliates is no longer accepting branded domains so I need to move the content from the domain to another. The site has a lot of good useful content which I hate to lose.

    I have a couple of authority websites (weight loss) where the content will fit in perfectly. The problem is I have a few articles (same site) with good content that will not fit well on the weight loss sites but will fit well on a bodybuilding site I own.

    My question is would it be ok to redirect out individual URLs from the one branded domain to different websites? Has anyone done this before?

    Would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has done this before.

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    William Souter

    Why don’t you just find other Affilates with similar offers?

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    David James

    Instead of moving your content , move to another affiliate.

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    Nicola Hawkins

    Yes using 301 would be your best option.

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